At Trendsetter Hair Clinic, we not only celebrate the beauty and versatility of natural hair, but we also understand the importance of nurturing it with tailored care and attention. Our comprehensive Natural Hair Care services are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of your unique hair texture and type, offering an extensive range of styles and treatments that not only enhance but also protect your natural tresses. From time-honored classics such as intricately woven corn rows to contemporary styles including elegant twists and iconic dreadlocks, we are committed to providing top-tier, expert care for your natural hair. Our skilled stylists are dedicated to embracing and highlighting the natural beauty of your locks, utilizing the latest techniques and products to ensure your hair remains healthy, vibrant, and resilient. Whether you’re looking to maintain your natural aesthetic or transform it with a new style, we offer all the expertise and services you need in one convenient location, making us your go-to destination for all things related to natural hair care.

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Embracing Natural Hair Diversity

Our services are tailored to the diverse needs of natural hair, ensuring each client receives personalized care:


  • Creation and Maintenance: Our experts skillfully create and maintain dreadlocks, ensuring they are neat, healthy, and stylish.
  • Scalp Health: We focus on scalp health, providing treatments that prevent itching and promote overall scalp wellness.
  • Styling Options: From traditional to contemporary dreadlock styles, we offer various styling options to suit your personal taste.

Two Strand Twist

  • Versatile Styling: Ideal for all hair lengths, two strand twists offer a versatile and protective style.
  • Moisture Retention: We emphasize techniques that retain moisture, keeping your twists looking fresh and your hair healthy.
  • Styling Longevity: Our team provides tips and tricks to extend the life of your two strand twists.

Twist Braids

  • Protective Benefits: Twist braids are not only stylish but also serve as a protective style that promotes natural hair growth.
  • Customization: We offer a range of sizes and patterns, customizing the braids to your preference.
  • Aftercare Advice: Our experts guide you on how to care for your twist braids to maintain their appearance and health.

Comb Twist

  • Defining Curls: This technique is perfect for defining and enhancing natural curls.
  • Gentle Process: We use gentle methods to create comb twists, ensuring minimal stress on your hair.
  • Scalp Care: Special attention is given to scalp care, ensuring the health of your hair from the roots.

Corn Rows

  • Classic and Contemporary Designs: From classic straight-back rows to intricate designs, we offer a variety of corn row styles.
  • Scalp Protection: Our corn row service includes scalp protection techniques to prevent tension and promote hair growth.
  • Styling Versatility: Corn rows can be a standalone style or a foundation for wigs and extensions.

Box Braids

  • Customizable Length and Thickness: We tailor the length and thickness of box braids to match your desired look.
  • Edge Protection: Our stylists ensure that the braids are not too tight, protecting your edges from damage.
  • Long-Lasting Style: We provide tips for maintaining your box braids, keeping them neat and lasting longer.

Comprehensive Natural Hair Care & Maintenance

At Trendsetter Hair Clinic, we don’t just style your hair; we care for it:

Scalp Treatments

  • Healthy Scalp Equals Healthy Hair: We offer treatments that cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

Deep Conditioning

  • Hydration and Repair: Our deep conditioning treatments are designed to hydrate and repair natural hair, restoring its natural shine and strength.

Personalized Hair Care Regimen

  • Tailored to Your Hair’s Needs: Our experts create a personalized hair care regimen, recommending products and routines that are best suited for your hair type.

Expert Consultation and Support

At Trendsetter Hair Clinic, our initial consultations tailor natural hair care to your unique needs, guided by expert stylists. We offer ongoing support, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge for maintaining your hair’s health and beauty, making us your partners in achieving your natural hair goals.

Your Destination for Natural Hair Excellence

At Trendsetter Hair Clinic, we are dedicated to providing you with the best natural hair care services. Our team of experts is passionate about helping you embrace and love your natural hair, offering styles and treatments that highlight its beauty and strength.

Experience the best in natural hair care. Contact Trendsetter Hair Clinic today to schedule your consultation and begin your journey to beautiful, healthy natural hair.

Eve Sotiriadou
Eve Sotiriadou
I have been getting my hair done by Paulette for the last few months and could not be happier with the results! Paulette is a very experienced hairstylist who took my short hair and transformed me into a new person. Although getting extensions is a lengthy and stressful process, Paulette and I had a consultation where we went over her rather impressive hair inventory and techniques to decide on what fits best my needs while also considering the condition of my hair. Every installation lasts 2-3 months, with Paullete always finding time to accommodate me and fit me into her hectic schedule! Great service, exceptionally friendly staff, and obviously amazing results! Paulette truly needs to start advertising her impressive hair extension skills!
Paul Kerland
Paul Kerland
I had a great experience here. Very nice staff, top service, and exceptional results. For the price certainly worth it, I recommend it for everyone.
Carly Gray
Carly Gray
Great salon. I’ve had a great experience with Paulette who is very kind and knowledgeable. I have had many keratin treatments done over the last 4 years and very happy with the outcome.
Shannon Boot
Shannon Boot
Paulette has been doing a keratin treatment on my hair for years now and never fails to amaze me! She is attentive and really pays attention to what my hair needs. Paulette is super personable, and I leave feeling confident about my hair. With my hair being the healthiest it’s ever been; I hands down recommend her services.
Liz B
Liz B
Knowledgeable, talented, professional, personable, and gracious - you will look and feel your best in Paulette’s care. She goes out of her way to accommodate you into her busy schedule and once there, she takes the time to know you and advise on what will work best for your hair. You can trust her expert opinion and no doubt, you’ll feel her warmth. She is a gem! The whole package. Paulette recommended Brazilian keratin treatment so that the transition between treatments would be easier, e.g., it would gradually fade out without the noticeable line between virgin and treated hair. Therefore, less breakage. The keratin treatment left my hair sleek and shiny and very easy to work with. Styling is simple, fewer passes with the flatiron and it looks and feels so much healthier. I never imagined my hair could look this straight and be so easy to work with. I’m a few months in and it is still wearing nicely with low maintenance. Exactly as suggested. Thank you so much, Paulette!
Jamie Felix
Jamie Felix
If I could give Paulette 20 stars, I totally would! She has been so knowledgeable and patient with my unruly hair. It's been a pleasure coming in each time for my dreadlock maintenance. I 100% recommend coming to Trendsetter.
Melisha Brown
Melisha Brown
Paulette relaxed my son's hair. She was so kind and wonderful. He really loves his hair and appreciate the advise for the care of his hair. He is a teen and doing it :)
I call her the Locs Dr. Amazing!Amazing service. She ticks all the boxes when it comes to premium and excellent service. Extremely knowledgeable. I saw my locs come alive after one session. I would definitely recommend.
Kezziah Phillips
Kezziah Phillips
Oh my gosh! Okay so, obviously the service is great. But when I first came in my hair was super dry and now its so much healthier, all thanks to my dear stylist, Paulette. I cannot begin to explain how much she has helped me. Excellent tips, advice, and service. Five stars ???? ⭐ ???? ????⭐
Amazing service. Paulette is very knowledgeable, flexible and accommodating. Always willing to work with the client to meet their needs. My hair was very damaged from over processing and she gave me a plan of care to use at home. Together we have managed to get my hair back to health. Would definitely recommend. Just be honest with what you're doing at home so she can properly treat your hair.